Counselling Services

Laurie Cavan, MSW Registered Social Worker

Personal counselling is known to help individuals get through life stressors in multiple ways.  Relationship or workplace conflicts as well as general world weariness often leave us feeling anxious and or depressed. Gaining a broader perspective through counselling can often assist us in moving through these barriers to better holistic health. Deeper experiences of loss or grief as well as formal mental health disorders can complicate our life experience too. Sometimes we cannot name why we feel the way we do, we just know we want to feel and do better in life.   Laurie of River Edge Wellness with Horses in Wawa, ON will try to understand the situation you are facing in order to better provide you with the assistance that you need. Laurie brings to her counselling format both traditional and nature based therapies. She is a registered social worker who is passionate about helping people overcome challenges so that they can live their best life.